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Naming Days

Welcoming a new child or children into your life is a watershed moment for all who experience it. Naming day ceremonies are a beautiful way of welcoming and introducing your newest addition to friends, family and your local community. 

Naming Day Ceremonies

Baby Naming Day Ceremonies in France

This contemporary alternative to a traditional christening centres around providing your loved ones with the opportunity to embrace the gift of new life and vitality. It also allows them to express their intentions for supporting and nurturing the child as they embark on their journey in the world.

Incorporating readings, songs, rituals, crafts, and other elements, we can fashion a ceremony that artfully reflects the unique story of how your little one came into being. The goal is to introduce the child to your community in a manner that resonates deeply with your values and beliefs.

Adoption Ceremonies

The act of welcoming a new child or children into your family is truly remarkable. By considering the age of the child or children, we can craft a ceremony that not only initiates them into your family but also leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. This ceremony will strike a balance between playfulness and profound meaning, ensuring it becomes an unforgettable experience for all who participate. It will serve as a joyful and meaningful introduction for the child or children into your family and the wider community, creating lasting memories and a strong sense of belonging.

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